Are you looking to intern for a premier IT and data solutions consulting firm? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!




Paradyme provides a unique opportunity for interns to earn income while gaining new skills and using diverse backgrounds to complete meaningful projects. Paradyme’s internship program was established to support the company’s growth and development. We take pride in giving interns the chance to flex their creative and intellectual muscles in hopes of transitioning them to full-time employees upon graduation. This is not a coffee making and paper filing internship. As a growing company, Paradyme offers a unique experience for interns to be part of a dynamic work culture, sharing an office space with employees from various professional backgrounds while working collaboratively towards one goal – building a company that we all can be proud of.

Internship Opportunities

Paradyme provides unique opportunities for students of all academic backgrounds to get hands-on experience in various business areas and to gain exposure to:

  • Various business operations associated with information technology and data solutions
  • Business operations and Government contract bidding
  • Completing business case studies with scenarios specific to Paradyme and the data consulting industry
  • Ongoing IT and quality based research 
  • Much more!


  • Opportunities to work closely with Paradyme’s Executive Officers and wonderful corporate staff
  • Projects are assigned based on your skills, goals and areas of interest
  • Workshops are held to help cultivate your skills inside and outside of Paradyme’s office including resume workshops and mock interviews
  • Unlimited access to snacks, coffee and any other brain food you’d need to get your intellectual juices flowing throughout the day
  • Social gatherings and events with other Paradymers

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“I really enjoyed working here. The people here are great; easy to get along with, very supportive, and interested in getting to know you personally.”
Azsanee Truss, December 2015
“The workplace at Paradyme Management is very open and fosters collaboration with all levels of positions. There is a friendly and welcoming environment that puts the people before the work. It’s easy to ask questions and converse with anyone in the office any time of the day. Everyone is passionate with the work they do, but still have time for laughter and fun.”
Vel Lian, May 2016
Paradyme offered me a unique experience where I got to work on different assignments and collaborate with different individuals. I love the fact that I can use the skills I’ve attained through my classes while also learning new tasks. Through stimulating assignments I feel as if I am given work that is meaningful for the company, which keeps me driven to perform.
Sam Leap, May 2016

If you’re interested in joining Paradyme as an intern, check out the current intern opportunities. All majors are welcome and we look forward to connecting with you!