At Paradyme Management’s inception, there was a list of wants:

  1. A small, nimble firm able to compete with the bigger firms;
  2. Employees handpicked for their versatility, commitment, and resolve;
  3. An atmosphere rich in collaboration and saturated in culture.


In 2003, Paradyme Management Inc. was founded as a (very) small business operating out of a one-bedroom apartment.

The few employees we had wore many hats and were responsible for a wide range of tasks. The CEO doubled as the Receptionist, the Accountant moonlighted as the Office Manager and everyone played their part in making sure the company succeeded.

In the upcoming years the company outgrew its place of birth and ventured out into foreign territory—a real office building. The executive team started to come together and there were even whispers of new employees coming on board.

When it came to hiring employees, the requirements were very specific.

Paradyme Management needed employees who would embody the mission and vision, while always working to strengthen the culture. There would be nothing more dangerous to the competition than loyal, driven employees who had a vested interest in Paradyme’s success. With a presence in several federal agencies, Paradyme Management is taking the government contracting world by storm.

We stay true to our small business values.

In terms of our success, we attribute it wholly to our dedicated team of Paradymers. Watching our clients whom we have helped succeed is extremely rewarding. Seeing our staff—some of whom started off as interns—get promoted, manage projects and flourish in their career progression? That is how Paradyme Management defines fulfilling.