Our Leadership Creates The Blueprint for Our Success

Introducing the Paradyme Leadership Team…



Kayden Gandhi

Chief Canine Officer

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Yes, one of the members of Leadership team is, in fact, a dog – a Frenchie to be exact. Kayden, our Chief Canine Officer is our company mascot. He comes to the office a few times a week and is great for morale! If anyone is having a tough day or working through a problem, Kayden is always happy to lend his belly to the cause. Rubbing the belly of a Frenchie is like rubbing the belly of Buddha himself. It’s calming (especially when you hit the sweet spot and he starts to kick his short little legs) and it inspires great thought. Kayden is a fantastic addition to our team and all of us, plus any lucky visitors who come on a “Kayden Day” love having him here.

    Viraj Gandhi

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Viraj is responsible for ensuring the company strategy aligns with the vision and mission set forth by the Executive Team. He ensures the three primary functional areas within Paradyme Management – Service Delivery, Business Development, and Operations work seamlessly with each other in an effort to achieve transparency and efficiency. Viraj strives to operate Paradyme Management as an open system that taps into the talents and interests of all Paradymers, allowing for multilateral growth and development. Viraj believes in creating a dynamic environment for Paradymers, where work is both engaging and fun. In an effort to enhance Paradyme’s office culture he even went so far as to engage in an act of nepotism, by appointing his Frenchie, Kayden Gandhi, as Chief Canine Officer (we overlook this indiscretion, however, because Kayden is an extremely qualified candidate).

    Viraj began his career with Keane Consulting Group where he advised clients such as AON Insurance, Prudential Securities, and Boston Public Schools on business processes, organizational change, training, and program management. He earned his B.S in Finance, Management and Strategy from Babson College and is an alumni of Harvard Business School and a graduate of the Owner/President Management Program. Viraj is also an active member of the DC Chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

      Thames Hillman

      Chief Operating Officer

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      A member of the Executive Team, Thames manages Paradyme Management’s Operations, which include service delivery, program management, program control, performance management and capture. Thames’ extensive knowledge and experience with the federal services market and enterprise IT services has helped streamline Paradyme Management’s operations and has paved the way for additional strategic hires.

      Prior to joining Paradyme Management, Thames worked with Stanley Associates, Imperatis and Sevatec. He has twenty-three years of experience in numerous leadership and P&L capacities including project management, program management, business development and operations. Thames earned his B.S in Leadership and Management from University of Mary Washington.

        Luke McGinty

        Chief Technology Officer

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        Luke, a member of the Management Team, oversees Paradyme Management’s Business Analytics and Systems Integration practices. Committed to robust and creative solutions, Luke works with implementations of varying scope and complexity, while engaging all levels of the organization during the process. Luke is a certified Pentaho Architect with expertise in data warehousing architecture and solutions, Pentaho open source business intelligence platforms, systems integration, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

        Prior to joining the Paradyme Management team, Luke worked as a consultant with Accenture’s U.S State and Local government practice where he provided solutions in systems integration and analytics. Luke also worked in vaccine research and development at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Health. He earned his B.S in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University.

          Sang Na

          Chief Marketing Officer

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          A partner and member of the Executive Team, Sang creates alliances that drive Paradyme Management’s growth, while focusing on complex projects involving multiple partners and clients. Sang aspires to create value for all parties by building relationships he can leverage to ensure clients receive state of the art practices and solutions. Sang works directly with our clients, deploying his expertise in enterprise software, business intelligence, SaaS, enterprise resource planning, integration, business processes and requirements analysis.

          Prior to joining the Paradyme Management team, Sang managed clients and accounts at Oracle, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and SRA International. Sang earned his B.S in Accounting from University of Maryland.

            Eddie O

            Chief Strategy Officer

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            Eddie, a partner and member of the Executive Team, has over seventeen years of experience supporting public sector agencies. Eddie works closely with customers to strategically identify and implement emerging technology trends beneficial to their enterprise. His core area of expertise begins with a deep rooted understanding of complex Enterprise Integration challenges, such as implementing and governing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) at an Enterprise scale. His passion is working with customers to deliver the right solutions to solve their complex problems, bench-marked by quality and backed by a level of consulting expertise that is unrivaled by competitors.

            Prior to Paradyme Management, Eddie spent six years at Accenture, where he worked with both civilian and defense agencies delivering emerging technologies. He possesses B.A. degrees in Decision and Information Science and Accounting from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business. Additionally, Eddie is an alumni of Harvard Business School and a graduate of the Owner/President Management program.