October 4, 2017: Q4 Community Outreach Event Brings Fall Fun to Children’s National

As part of our Focus on the Paradymer campaign and as it says in our mission, we are creating a culture of giving back and making a difference in our community. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to host a patient play date, a fun fall carnival with Halloween themed crafts and games, at Children’s National Health System and bring some fall fun to the kids at the hospital. 

Our awesome group of Paradymers played fun games with the kids, such as Halloween Bingo, Pin the Crow on the Scarecrow, and the Apple Toss (the kids loved this one!), and they showed off their crafting skills by helping the kids create fall wreaths, turkey puppets, and Halloween animal headbands. All crafts left over were donated to Dr. Bear’s closet. It is part of our mission to be involved in our local community, and we loved seeing this come to life by creating a memorable event for the kids.


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